Fuck “The View” & the broadcast bitchfight!

January 14th, 2009

 hostile-grrl     hostile-grrl

My favourite saviour of the month – Facebook – has provided me with a perpetual online college reunion. It’s like I never left UT 20 years ago (University of Texas, known to all Texas Exes as TU – The University). I even had a virtual kiss and some hot 3rd base action over the phone, as a result of one gorgeous retrocession. Whilst on FB in London UK, I’m also sitting on the couches in the Winship Building, Austin Tx, shootin the shit with my best buddies all over again – and with multi-media at my disposal. Only a time machine could improve on the model. However, I did stumble upon (sorry for blundering ref to rival networking engine) a very disturbing link posted by one of my very talented actor/musician friends & alumni, Queen Esther, who pointed her virtual remote control stick at Ann Coulter getting an ass whippin from her twisted sisters on The View, last Monday.

Obviously a lap bitch to Palin’s ilk, Coulter was on the circuit promoting her book,  “Guilty”, and the topic of The View’s inquisition was her contempt for single mothers.  It made me sick – not in some streetwise, hip kinda way, and not just from Ann Coulter’s ‘tude:  but because of the state of Women’s Liberation, Feminism, Sisterhood, Womanhood – insert your jargon here.  Her point was that single motherhood is contributing to a rising crime rate.  It’s not accurate, it’s a variation on a theme addressed in the formidable jetset reader “Freakonomics”, by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt – ie Roe vs Wade legislation’s responsibility for the unexpected drop in crime rate during the early 80s – so last century.  The common denominator, here, is a correlation between unwanted children who grow up to be society’s outcasts as well, and wreak havoc to survive – making war at home.  Not that the children of single mothers are necessarily unwanted or unloved.  Mind you, we never get to that discussion on the programme.  Instead we drool over an ugly, broadcast bitch fight.  The View-er must pick out meaning like arrowheads in a parking lot – bitch, bitch, blah, blah “…Mein Kampf…”, bitch, bitch, blah, blah, “..only citing social science…”, bitch, bitch, blah, blah “…you don’t even have children..” – as the professional frumps roar to score a soundbite.  Shocking, disgusting & perfect for morning TV. 

I was the most horrified by Whoopi Goldberg, who was once my personal best heroine, deftly luring Coulter into a corral of  Pavlov’s feral, frothing she-bitches to ring the dinner bell, whilst that scummy Libber-coyote Babwa Wawa watched, furtively, furiously, fervently fingering herself from the pig’s trough.  The question to Coulter about whether she herself has been married or has children kept recurring, as if it were requisite for an opinion … as a woman.   Nothing surfaced from this determinist din, beyond sporting applause from the suckers in the studio audience.  Meanwhile, the expert panel never clarified or even touched on what IS causing this tragedy in our human family, what is happening with fatherhood and where is the failure in our community to raise our children?  At least Coulter addresses (however feebly) a real problem, which is on the horizon, bounding toward us to bite us in our proverbials.  Cathartic scapegoating from our network icons will certainly not spare us. 

I couldn’t help but see this episode as a little mirror to our failed community, and if THAT is what is raising our children, no wonder we’re in the shit.   “Freakonomics” suggests that female choice has spared us from hell on earth.  Coulter would suggest that female choice is fostering hell on earth.  Which one of these dumbasses is going to deflect her “bait & switch” routine?To think that I ever fantasised about Whoopi for Prez.

It seems to me that this meaningless mudwrestling is more indicative of nearly no women deciding the fate of nations, making final broadcast decisions or making more than 70 cents to the male dollar.  So where did the men go – oh they’re all  jerking off in front of morning television