I’m Prospero/Sound Designer ‘The Tempest’ @ The Rose Playhouse 22 June-2 July 2017

June 25th, 2017

The Tempest @The Rose Theatre 22nd June - 2nd July 20a7

“Marianne Hyatt’s Prospero is engaging and draws the audience into the scenes”

“… Prospero played by Marianne Hyatt, becoming a mother figure to Miranda played by Lakshmi Khabrabi, showed a very different relationship to other more traditional interpretations of the play. This relationship worked exceptionally well.

Marianne Hyatt was the most engaging performer and drew the audience into the scenes.  She was incredibly articulate in her role of Prospero both in her monologues and in song.”

Spy in the Stalls review by Angela East


I’m so thrilled to be playing Prospero in the all female, all fabulous production of Sea Change Theatre’s unique ‘Tempest’ at Shakespeare’s historic Rose Playhouse. Sea Change Theatre’s ‘The Tempest’ at The Rose Playhouse 

Director, Ray Malone, is a wunderkind of the highest order – I’ve learned such an awful lot working with her.  She’s also taken a real chance in appointing me Music Designer for the show, so I was double chuffed when I received honourable mention for my portrayal of Prospero, as well as for designing/facilitating the use of music in her brilliant production, all within Angela East’s fine review for Spy in the Stalls

“The background music throughout the play was used very effectively.”

Wig out!

Wig out!


But wait there’s even still more:

“We get to see performances and interpretations that bring fresh insight to the Bard’s work.  The result has an ethereal quality.  This is wonderfully exemplified by Marianne Hyatt, majestic as Prospero.  She delivers the poetry of the play in a commanding, subtle, nuanced voice.” – Outsavvy 5* Review

“American actor Marianne Hyatt makes an imposing Prospero, the poetry beautifully delivered” – Michael Gray, Remote Goat 4* Review

“Strong performances were provided by the cast, with special effort given by the non-mortals. Marianne Hyatt’s Prospero was a strength” – everything theatre’s 3* review – Bryony Taylor

Am I crying?  I should be…Don’t miss it – the cast is superb and it’s only on for another week.  Get your tickets, here 

Shakespeare watches over


Ray Malone • Director

Sue Frumin • Writer / Producer

Judy Frumin • Producer

Lu Firth • Designer

Crin Claxton • Light Designer

Marianne Hyatt • Music Designer

Fredrikka Lievonen • Make-Up Artist

Monica Nicolaides • Assistant Director / Movement Director

Sophia Start • Assistant Director / Stage Manager

Aimilia Palogiannidou • Assistant Designer

Katy Gerard • Technical Stage Manager

CAST (in alphabetical order)

Gerry Bell – Alonso, Trinculo

Vix Dillon – Stephano, Boatswain

Judy Frumin – Gonzalo

Sue Frumin – Myrtle

Camilla Harding – Antonio

Marianne Hyatt – Prospero

Kimberley Jarvis – Ferdinand

Rosie Jones – Caliban, Master

Lakshmi Khabrani – Miranda

Nola Elia Malone – Young Miranda

Lucianne Regan – Ariel

Lottie Vallis – Sycorax, Sebastian