Recording of Mick’s Record Shop – 14 June 2014 – YES MA’AM!

June 23rd, 2014
Riot at the Superdome - c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Riot at the Superdome – c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Oooooh thanks mighty Mick Denny and whizz kid engineering maestro James Michael Clark for this lovely recording of ‘Yes Ma’am’ – recorded at his Leigh Art Trail installation/private view & listen at Elsie’s Cafe at the Leigh Community Arts Centre on Saturday 14th June 2014.  Yes I do wear Mick’s art on my sleeve


Anyway …. There’s even still more – best get my multimedia hat on


Yes Ma’am – Mick Denny’s Record Shop – 14 JUne 2014 – 23:06:2014 22.29










Maverick 2014 – I made the promo

June 23rd, 2014

First let me qualify I don’t really mind being in the Maverick Festie’s promotional material – I’m gagging to play it, more than care about that…. though it might be nice to have been ASKED!

Lovely Lucy & her fabulous daughter Iris + I are dancing our boots off at Maverick

Lovely Lucy & her fabulous daughter Iris + I are dancing our boots off at Maverick


When this piccie was taken in 2012, I’d never been and wasn’t quite aware that we’d be the ONLY ones dancing.  Nevermind, we’ve always been through bein cool.  Anyway it’s not like it’s the first time anyone has co-opted my ass into mercenary promo … *ahem*

Lone star butt - least it's not the Confeds'

Lone star butt – least it’s not the Confeds’



Mick Denny’s ‘Record Shop’ at Elsie’s Place, Leigh Community Centre – 14 June 2014

June 15th, 2014

Many thanks to Micky Denny and his nephew James Clarke for the Record Shop installation at Elsie’s Place, Leigh Community Centre yesterday. Mick’s incredible collection of artworks disguised as musical sleeves were a craftily curated wonder to behold – with stunning ephemera, expertly thrown into the exhibit for good measure. Pictured here is the sleeve from my phantom release of ‘Superdome’ – I am now obliged & beholden to him to get it out there on the waves somehow…. else I’m not worthy of his greatness.

Riot at the Superdome - c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Riot at the Superdome – c/o the mighty Mick Denny

I was in awe as the musical artists stepped out from behind his art work to perform live: David Woodcock, Kate Denny w Crafting for Foes auteurs Amanda McManus & Adam Rees, M G Boulter Bob Collum, Mike Darrah
& I was so psyched to see Zoë Howe, Sadie Hasler, Jesse Diss & Natalia Farran, Lynsey Garnett, Kieth Harris, Sandra Hirons, Yvette Clarke… what a day. Still dancing a little




I was the fluffer for Saturday's live performance of the music behind Mick's magic

I was the fluffer for Saturday’s live performance of the music behind Mick’s magic

Squeezebox Folk with Bob Collum & Simon Gentry – BYOV! 30 May 2014

May 31st, 2014
BYOV to Leigh-on-Sea

BYOV to Leigh-on-Sea

Had a raucous great time at Squeezebox Folk, down the Squeeze Cafe, Leigh-on-Sea, last night 30 May.  Twas overwhelming to share a bill with such luminaries as Bob Collum (first timers were singing along from his first choon) and Simon Gentry (had people clapping & stomping from his first choon) …. not to mention the roundup of performers, writers, auteurs & mavens in the audience – Sadie Hasler, Matthew Boulter, Yvette Clarke, Mick Denny, Kate Denny (no relation ;-) Diana & Paul Collier, Kieth Harris – all  up close & personal at that fabulous place.  It’s on the top floor of the venue, and it kicked off during cinematic magic hour – at dusk – my favourite time of day anyway…. but the vibe at Squeezebox Folk is distinctively cool – a Bring Your Own Vinyl (BYOV) glowy kind of affair.  There was quite a fuzzy divide between the audience & players, which incited a sort of chill cum thrill in me.  There was also a raffle to win some merch, in which submissions were identified by names of favourite songs chosen by each audience member.  At one point there was discussion amongst the entire crowd about whether named artists had to play the individual song written on a chosen ticket.  The lunatics had taken over the penthouse…. & it was truly wonderful: sort of dress rehearsal for the revolution  Adam & Amanda know how to throw a party.  Can’t wait to see what they get up to for Leigh Folk Festie


Squeezebox Folk rules!

Squeezebox Folk rules!


JOE BUCK YOURSELF / MARIANNE HYATT @Muff Customs Hackney Wick Sunday 4th May

April 28th, 2014

Joe Buck Yourself Poster 4 May 14


Legendary one-man psycho-country punk from Tennessee


will be touring the UK in May & SUNDAY REVELATOR have managed 2 bag him 4 a Bank Holiday Sunday Special on 4th May at

Muff Customs
4c Roach Road
Hackney Wick
E3 2PA

The former Legendary Shack Shakers guitarist and Hank Williams III collaborator with a demon in his head will be raising hell at 9pm.


Marianne Hyatt

is on w platonic lovesongs to sexworkers, country reggae odes to schizophrenic madames and protest tunes to natural disasters… a walking triumph of lost causes & no-longer living legends.

£5 on the door.

Nickel & Dime – a slice of feminasty vid

March 6th, 2014

Couldn’t help it – had to just …. ya know, get it out there. Thought it might clarify a few issues. Gee I hope I didn’t offend anybody.

I was particularly inspired to make this happen by the slideshow put together by… a fan? Well, sort of. A friend operating under a pseudonym. Don’t mind at all, but I do wonder what my pals won’t do to help me weave out a network. It’s a sweet video, Mr *errrm* Sharpe. I’m not worthy. Many thanks. xxxxx

Snake Rattle & Roll @The 12 Bar with The Snakes & Snakeoil Rattlers 4 Mardi Gras

March 4th, 2014





For ten years burning down the road, both The Snakeoil Rattlers and The Snakes have been peddling their wares. This special event at the 12 Bar will feature headline sets from both acts to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Expect snake, rattle and roll with support from Marianne Hyatt.

First act on at 8pm. Tickets are £6 on the door - 12 Bar Club, 26 Denmark Street, WC2H 8NL London



The Snakeoil Rattlers

The first thing that strikes you about The Snakeoil Rattlers is not only their unique fusion of country, rock, bluegrass, and the outlaw sounds of the South, but also their uncompromising mature encapsulation of how these elements can be formed into a timeless rootsy core.

Unlike many London based bands performing what can be termed traditionally as an American music genre, The Snakeoil Rattlers play it with an authenticity that has brought them fans on both sides of the Atlantic from the small towns to the larger costal cities. Walking on the dark side of the street however, their sound, is distinctly their own.

Even after the release of their first EP “Road Tales” which spoke of the quiet desperation of the road, the band has earned it’s reputation as a live act continuing past the songs of this sophomore effort touching on topics such as backwoods gambling (“The Devil’s in My Rearview”), less than simple tales of revenge (“Lazarus”), inner family turmoil (“Blood’s No Thicker Than Backwater”) and unafraid to tackle the subjects of faith, religion, and the undeniable duality of the South (“Plastic Jesus” and “Dixieland”).

“Quite possibly the greatest country, bluegrass and rock fusion the South never had”
— Paul Chamberlain, New Songs From The South, ARFM Radio

“Delight in the bourbon-swaggering Sexy, Southern Death Country-Rock of The Snakeoil Rattlers. Named after one of Steve Earle’s finest songs these good ol’ boys mix a perfect, three-finger whiskey blend of gifted musicianship with rock ’n’ Roll (bad) attitude.”
— Countrier Than Thou

“Slow Train To Georgia and Nothin’ To Confess showed just what a tight unit the Rattlers are, and was that Made In The Shade, the ol’ Skynyrd classic? Hell, yeah. I will be checking this lot out again.”
— Classic Rock Magazine

twitter: @snakeoilrattler




The Snakes

Over the last ten years, The Snakes have become known as the bad boys of Alt-Country, with their guitar fuelled rock & roll, Uncut Magazine describing them as “Muswell Hill’s own Whiskeytown” following their appearance on Clubhouse Records’ compilation CD, Divided By A Common Language – A Collection Of UK Americana. Their debut album, Songs From The Satellites (2006), brought them to the attention of legendary BBC Radio 2 broadcasters Bob Harris and Mark Lamarr, who both declared themselves fans of the band, with Mark Lamarr inviting them into the studio for a live session, having been particularly impressed by the dark, twang laden delights of ‘I’ll Be Around’.

The second album, SOMETIME SOON…(2010), brought further rave reviews including 4 stars in Uncut Magazine, along with repeated weekly airplay on Mark Lamaar’s BBC Radio 2 show, as well as other National and International airplay, notably on Ireland’s RTE1 Radio.

With a reputation on the rise, the songs to back it up and a Chinese calendar to hand, one thing is certain : 2013 will not be THE LAST DAYS OF ROCK & ROLL for the Snakes!

twitter: @snakesmusic



Marianne Hyatt

Deep Southern Songstress from Austin Texas. If you blinked you’ll have missed her as Richard Linklater’s ‘Late Night Pickup’ during his cult film ‘Slacker’. She has fronted Dragstripper, Temple of Sound, Anarchistwood and Country Dirt, which was once London’s hottest new grabass bluegrass C&W outfit since Gary P. Nunn came to town. She’s equal parts Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, and has sung with The Frogs at ATP, as well as with Bill Callahan during Meltdown Festival. She writes and plays platonic lovesongs to sexworkers, country reggae odes to schizophrenic madames and protest tunes to natural disasters… a walking triumph of lost causes & no-longer living legends.

“Country Dirt is London’s premier country+bluegrass band, fronted by Texas’s very own and very striking Marianne Hyatt” – Gary Crowley, BBC London

“….adding aural shooting stars and neon fire to the roadhouse vibe – Gavin Martin, The Mirror Think Burrito Brothers’ dirty sister” – Tim Perry, The Windmill

“Patsy Kline stealing from Finlay Quaye” – The Fly

“a star in the making” – Max Bell, Evening Standard

“She’s bloody good” – SleazeNation

“The sound of melodrama and mystery” – Kerrang!

“audacious tales of sleaze and danger” – Melody Maker

“Marianne Hyatt proves compelling viewing” – Music Week

“she is triumphant live; the men love her because they are Pavlovian, the women love her because she makes them feel like Calamity Jane” – Harpers and Queen


CultureKiddo at the Brixton Book Jam, Hootananny 2nd December 2013

December 4th, 2013

Walkin on sunshine in the bleak midwinter as Culture Kiddo has seen fit to cover Zelda Rhianda’s superb Brixton Book Jam Monday night. Tessa Ditner, accredited enabler to Skin II’s 3rd coming, also expertly read her stunning piece from up & comin comedy novel ‘Charlie and the Latex Factory’ on the night.
Stellar in her bespoke Am Statik’s rubber dress, which was only possibly upstaged by the piece itself. It’s available on Amazon, but I’m ready for the musical. Enough about me, she gave me a glowing review for my narrative triptych of various militarised types. I’ll let her do the talkin …..


Tessa Dittner, Culture Kiddo

Tessa Ditner, Culture Kiddo

“I was glad not to be reading straight after the brilliant Marianne Hyatt who really knows how to perform and make her writing live. Harpers and Queen described her as “she is triumphant live; the men love her because they are Pavlovian, the women love her because she makes them feel like Calamity Jane” I really loved her performance of the fun yet political ‘AirCon’.”

‘Brixton Bookjam’s Hootananny Garden’ – December 2013

CultureKid -

Woohoo! Twas an awesome event and I was completely mesmerised by the range of spoken word talents. Keep on truckin Zelda! Here’s some of her lovely audio footage

Myself, Tessa Ditner, Dave McGowan backstage Hootananny in Brixton

Myself, Tessa Ditner, Dave McGowan backstage Hootananny in Brixton

Collum&Hyatt duet for ROCKABILITY @ I LOVE THUNDER SuperSessions – 26 Oct 2013

October 11th, 2013

Join rock band I Love Thunder and special guests for a night to remember at Waterman’s Theatre. I Love Thunder are a band with a difference; most of them have some form of learning disability.
Over the past 6 months they have been using their BBC Performing Arts Funding to jam with a series of performers from a variety of different genres. This show will be a celebration of these encounters and some of the magic they all experienced along the way.

The evening’s line up will feature the following acts performing on their own and then joining I Love Thunder to showcase some of the highlights from their work together.

Marianne Hyatt and Bob Collum with Phil Martin
Two shining stars on the London country scene, both hailing from Texas. Expect sweet harmonies and authentic country tunes. Joined today by multi-instrumentalist Phil Martin on the fiddle and whatever else he feels like playing!

“…she is triumphant live; the men love her because they are Pavlovian, the women love her because she makes them feel like Calamity Jane” – Harpers and Queen

“..Collum’s Anglophile Americana reaps subtle yet sustaining dividends” – Daily Mirror

Philip Wells and Sirish Kumar
Philip and Sirish explore the relationship between rhythm and speech. Sirish is an internationally renowned tabla player and Philip a champion of performance poetry under the moniker ‘The Fire Poet’. Together they form an unusual combination, often resulting in the most unexpected sonic journeys.

“Wells is superb – poetry for the people at last!” THE TIMES

Andrea Black with Winston Blissett
Andrea has recorded 5 albums of her own featuring her distinctive jazzy percussive guitar work and amazing voice. Tonight Andrea will be supported by Winston, who has played bass with many artists during his career, including Massive Attack, Rod Stewart, Boy George – the list goes on!

“Andrea’s music feels timeless and honest, with a beautiful and highly intimate quality that’s not easily forgotten” – Gennaro Castaldo, Head of Marketing @ HMV

The Alix Anthony Band
Alix is one of the most amazing guitarists on the London scene. He wields his midi guitar to create extraordinary sounds in a classic 3-piece power trio format. Expect a sprinkling of Jimi, some major funk and plenty of blues.

“Alix has got it all, a brilliant guitarist, the voice of a god and an explosive presence that had the crowd on their feet” – Village Voice




Waterman’s Arts Centre, 40 High Street, TW8 0DS London,

For more information about I Love Thunder:

Nick Radclyffe
Band Manager
[email protected]