28 October on The Magic Jukebox, East London Radio – hosted by Black Scarr

November 3rd, 2015

“The wonderful Marianne Hyatt sent us a couple of mp3s. We met her first in the Archway, and she put on an amazing show with an amazing band, and she’s still going strong …. she certainly makes me feel like Calamity Jane” – Emma Scarr, Black Scarr.

Then they played Indianna. Thanks a million trillion Emma, Black Scarr, The Magic Jukebox & East London Radio!

The Magic Jukebox 28th October by East London Radio on Mixcloud

Snake Rattle & Roll! at the Betsey Trotwood : The Snakeoil Rattlers, Dan Raza & Me!

November 3rd, 2015

Broken heart …. fresh start.  Going back to solo mia for too many reasons to mention.  Hopefully my lit up skull will help me find my way back home since I’d been given a real boost by my friends in London, to support the sexy Snakeoil Rattlers and divine Dan Raza at the historic Betsey Trotwood pub in Farringdon, London ….. for Halloween ’15…. and I quote:

“It’s dark, it’s scary, it’s a night so terrifying it can only be Halloween. Yes, we’ve done it the last three years and we’re doing it again this year. So prepare yourselves to delight in the bourbon-swaggering Sexy, Southern Death Country-Rock of The Snakeoil Rattlers on this night of hell raising evil on Saturday 31st October at the Betsey Trotwood (56 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3BL Tel: 020 7253 4285 https://www.facebook.com/TheBetseyTrotwood). We’re even going to slip in a few spooky covers and will be joined by good friends The Dan Raza Band and the wonderful Marianne Hyatt. **Full Details Below**

As it’s Halloween we’ll expect everyone to dress up as your favourite zombie, vampire or ghostly incarnation. So get your thinking hats on as what you’re gonna wear. The extra spooky Ken will be greeting you at the door.

The night kicks off at 8pm and the admission for this great show is only £7.

A little about the bands:

The Snakeoil Rattlers

The first thing that strikes you about The Snakeoil Rattlers is not only their unique fusion of country, rock, bluegrass, and the outlaw sounds of the South, but also their uncompromising mature encapsulation of how these elements can be formed into a timeless rootsy core.

Unlike many London based bands performing what can be termed traditionally as an American music genre, The Snakeoil Rattlers play it with an authenticity that has brought them fans on both sides of the Atlantic from the small towns to the larger costal cities. Walking on the dark side of the street however, their sound, is distinctly their own.

Even after the release of their first EP “Road Tales” which spoke of the quiet desperation of the road, the band has earned it’s reputation as a live act continuing past the songs of this sophomore effort touching on topics such as backwoods gambling (“The Devil’s in My Rearview”), less than simple tales of revenge (“Lazarus”), inner family turmoil (“Blood’s No Thicker Than Backwater”) and unafraid to tackle the subjects of faith, religion, and the undeniable duality of the South (“Plastic Jesus” and “Dixieland”).

“Quite possibly the greatest country, bluegrass and rock fusion the South never had”
— Paul Chamberlain, New Songs From The South, ARFM Radio

“Delight in the bourbon-swaggering Sexy, Southern Death Country-Rock of The Snakeoil Rattlers. Named after one of Steve Earle’s finest songs these good ol’ boys mix a perfect, three-finger whiskey blend of gifted musicianship with rock ’n’ Roll (bad) attitude.”
— Countrier Than Thou

“Slow Train To Georgia and Nothin’ To Confess showed just what a tight unit the Rattlers are, and was that Made In The Shade, the ol’ Skynyrd classic? Hell, yeah. I will be checking this lot out again.”
— Classic Rock Magazine

web: www.snakeoilrattlers.co.uk
twitter: @snakeoilrattler
Dan Raza

Dan Raza has established a considerable reputation on the UK singer songwriter and folk roots scene.

His distinctive approach has led to him supporting Joan Armatrading on a recent European tour, as well as opening for artists such as Mary Gauthier, Badly Drawn Boy, Cara Dillon and Alejandro Escovedo at concerts throughout the UK and USA. He also had a song, Every Little Dog endorsed by Neil Young when Shakey chose it for his ‘Living with War’ website.

Of mixed British and Indian heritage, Dan grew up in Bedfordshire and has spent his adult years in London. His songs glow with a strong sense of place, bearing an enigmatic wistfulness at their core

His debut album (released Spring 2012, Cargo/Auralee) was produced by Charlie Hart (Ronnie Lane, Ian Dury, Eric Clapton, Mose Allison) and features appearances from Geraint Watkins (Van Morrison, Paul McCartney), BJ Cole (Dolly Parton, Martin Simpson), Steve Simpson (Eric Bibb, Ronnie Lane), Frank Mead (Albert King, Eric Clapton) and Mosi Conde (Mory Kante, Salif Keita)


“*4/5 Stars* An astonishingly accomplished set of songs, one of which a veteran songwriter would be proud.”
Jeremy Searle, R2 Magazine
“*4/5 Stars* His songs slip easily into the consciousness and once there, lodge themselves for good.”
Gareth L Powell, Bass Guitar Magazine Magazine
“He is undoubtedly magnificent at weaving a tune. The heart of the album’s appeal is Raza’s emergence as a songwriter of exceptional talent.”
Rachel Devine, Folk Radio UK – http://www.folkradio.co.uk/2012/05/dan-raza-dan-raza/
“*4/5 Stars* Thought-provoking songs, well played and beautifully arranged. Reminiscent of the Waterboys.”
David Hawkridge, Taplas Magazine
“Stunning – our Album of the Week.”
Ross MacFadyen, Celtic Music Radio
“More than just promising since his songs are good enough to stand up and be counted alongside those who have been recording for years”
Maurice Hope, Flyin Shoes Fanzine
“Definitely a man ahead of the pack.”
Julian Piper, Acoustic Magazine
“A bit folk, a bit country, a bit rock and very, very good.”
Bedford Today
Marianne Hyatt

Deep Southern Songstress from Austin Texas. If you blinked you’ll have missed her as Richard Linklater’s ‘Late Night Pickup’ during his cult film ‘Slacker’. She has fronted Dragstripper, Temple of Sound, Anarchistwood and Country Dirt, which was once London’s hottest new grabass bluegrass C&W outfit since Gary P. Nunn came to town. She’s equal parts Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, and has sung with The Frogs at ATP, as well as with Bill Callahan during Meltdown Festival. She writes and plays platonic lovesongs to sexworkers, country reggae odes to schizophrenic madames and protest tunes to natural disasters… a walking triumph of lost causes & no-longer living legends.

“Country Dirt is London’s premier country+bluegrass band, fronted by Texas’s very own and very striking Marianne Hyatt” – Gary Crowley, BBC London

“….adding aural shooting stars and neon fire to the roadhouse vibe – Gavin Martin, The Mirror Think Burrito Brothers’ dirty sister” – Tim Perry, The Windmill

“Patsy Kline stealing from Finlay Quaye” – The Fly

“a star in the making” – Max Bell, Evening Standard

“She’s bloody good” – SleazeNation

“The sound of melodrama and mystery” – Kerrang!

“audacious tales of sleaze and danger” – Melody Maker

“Marianne Hyatt proves compelling viewing” – Music Week

“she is triumphant live; the men love her because they are Pavlovian, the women love her because she makes them feel like Calamity Jane” – Harpers and Queen

web: www.hyattesque.comPoster


3 Chords & the Truth: You Love us… You REALLLY Love Us!

July 10th, 2015

Monday, 6 July 2015
A – Z of Maverick Festival – Easton Farm Park, Suffolk. Friday 3rd July to Saturday July 2015

Mavericks of Maverick - BC & thee Welfare Mothers

Mavericks of Maverick – BC & thee Welfare Mothers


My mean tambourine

My mean tambourine

W is for the splendidly named Welfare Mothers and their top rate frontman Bob Collum. Having reviewed Bob’s latest album at the start of the year and thoroughly enjoying it on many repeat plays, listening to the songs live proved to be the icing on the cake. His duet with Marianne Hyatt on ‘It’s a Good Thing We’re in Love’ is one of the songs of the year and the live rendition on the Sweet Home Alabama stage on the most perfect summer’s afternoon was a joy to behold. At this point the resistance to quote the glorious line ‘I do the jumping when you holler frog’ is withered away and hearing it live brought out an extra smile.



Smilin Bob Full band Me dancin w tambourine


#LittleRockLP on SHERIFF’S ROCK & BLUES SHOW – Scotland69am – Friday 16 January

January 14th, 2015

Just days from its imminent release, #LittleRockLP, will be featured on SHERIFF’s ROCK&BLUES show this Friday 16th January 2015, 11.30pm


A really great vehicle for us – eclectic musical curation – & with no ads or traffic reports …..

DJ Sheriff Ron Lancs is a passionate and enduring lover of music, so we are just thrilled we made the cut.

Bob will give listeners the stories behind the music, between radio play of #LittleRockLP selections

Mick Denny designed

Mick Denny designed

Hell, even I get a word in edgewise, since my track on #LittleRockLP – SUPERDOME – was blessed enough by the Sheriff’s consummate taste in music to get some broadcast play, too.

Riot at the Superdome - photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Riot at the Superdome – photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Can’t wait to hear it all on the radio this Friday!



#LittleRockLP – https://twitter.com/hashtag/LittleRockLP?src=hash

Out on Harbour Song Records 19 January 2015 – pre-order http://www.harboursong.co.uk

… or from Lea Valley Records http://www.leavalleyrecords.com (#LittleRockLP official flavour of the month, tipped for early album of the year, 2015)

We’re big in Belgium, Buster – ROOTSTIME.BE has spoken

January 11th, 2015

When this stellar review of Bob Collum’s #LittleRockLP came out in ROOTSTIME.BE, I had a pretty good inkling that they liked us.  However, I couldn’t be sure til my great multi-lingual, cosmopolitan buddy, Justine Harcourt de Tourville gave me the skinny, via a smooth translation from Belgian to Texan.  A lone star salute to you Ms Justini, first your mother introduces my parents to one another, and now this.  The IOU is infinite, my dear friend! xxxxxxx


Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but living in Essex county, near London, singer and songwriter Bob Collum has crafted an impressive musical career during the past years. He started as a solo artist in 1997 with the debut album More Tragic Songs Of Life followed by the album Low Rent Romeo in 2001 and a number of solo EPs.

The first recorded album, The Boy Most Likely To… , with his group “The Welfare Mothers,” in 2004 and its successor, Set The Stupid Set Free, in 2007 received rave reviews in Roots Time. They were followed by Twisted Rhymes & Mixed Up Lines in 2009, and The New Old Thing and The Ungrateful Depression, two EPs, so there was a wait until now for Bob Collum & The Welfare Mothers’ full second studio album to appear.

The Welfare Mothers is comprised of Bob’s muse, singer Marianne Hyatt, steel guitarist Allan Kelly, bassist Gareth Davies and drummer Paul Quarry. Along with the singer and guitarist, Bob Collum, they put ten songs on this new album Little Rock, the link to the video below will serve as an introduction.

With alternating rock songs and alt-country or Americana tunes, we are talking about a very successful record. With the exception of the beautiful song, “Superdome,” written and sung by Marianne Hyatt, all other songs flowed from Bob Collum’s composer pen.

Our favorite tracks from this album are the country-rock song “Wasted Wonderland,” the clever country ballad “Broken Down,” the rocking “Seven Kinds Of Sorrow,” the Nick Lowe-esque “Good Thing We’re In Love” that Bob and Marianne perform in duet form and the catchy closing song “Empty Hands Of Love” with strong steel guitar work by Allan Kelly.

As for us, we believe Bob Collum should not wait another seven years to release a new album, because if the quality of that future record would be similar to this Little Rock cd, then a follow-up can’t come soon enough.



For any & all things #LittleRockLP – https://twitter.com/hashtag/LittleRockLP?src=hash

GOOD THING WE’RE IN LOVE got AmazingRadio play on DJ Baylen Leonard’s FRONT PORCH

January 11th, 2015

First show of the year on THE FRONT PORCH at Amazing Radio, & DJ Baylen Leonard’s gotta have the best radio theme song ever…. just bloggin.  So thrilled BOB COLLUM & THE WELFARE MOTHERS – http://www.bobcollum.com – made it to the playlist again!…. Saturday 10th January, but this time with a different song than before – GOOD THING WE’RE IN LOVE – from our big, up&comin #LittleRockLP.  It’s a little duet I co-wrote with superb Mr Bob.  So thrilled it’s on the album.

Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend.  Release date 19 January 2015

Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend. Release date 19 January 2015













Here’s a 4 track selection from BC & the WMs #LittleRockLP on Amazing Radio, 3 of which have made it to DJ Baylen Leonard’s impeccably tasteful playlist!


THE FRONT PORCH is just chock full of fabulous music, can’t believe we’re on Saturday’s show with Foghorn Leghorn’s grabass bluegrass ‘Petersburg Gal’ and Hank Wangford’s ‘Sunk without Trace’ – put your boots in the stirrups & waltz, Cowgirl! Immediately following us, Carleton Stone’s ‘Blood is Thicker than Water’ and Sons of Bill’s ‘Big Unknown’ are just dazzling to the ear.  Run Boy Run’s ‘Spin a Golden Thread’ is particularly swoon worthy.  Check out the whole show – ex post facto – right here.


DJ Mr Leonard mentioned that most releases for the new year happen on 26th January, but Alt C&W fans, BOB COLLUM & THE WELFARE MOTHERS are beatin em all to the punch one week early!  That’s right, #LittleRockLP is out 19th January on Harbour Song Records, but you can pre-order it c/o their site http://www.harboursong.co.uk

Apparently you can get it here too, seeing as how Lea Valley Records have made #LittleRockLP ALBUM OF THE MONTH whew!


For any and all things #LittleRockLP – https://twitter.com/hashtag/LittleRockLP?src=hash

#LittleRockLP is Lea Valley Records’ ALBUM OF THE MONTH

January 9th, 2015

In fact it’s an “early contender for ALBUM OF THE YEAR”, according to Lea Valley Records, an online record store specialising in UK americana / alt-country and alternative music.

#LittleRockLP is out 19 January 2015 – 10 days away –  but now there are two places you may pre-order.  Set out below for your consumption and pleasure



Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend.  Release date 19 January 2015

Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend. Release date 19 January 2015

I’m thrilled to get some very honourable mention, including a co-writing credit with Mr Bob Collum, in our duet – ‘GOOD THING WE’RE IN LOVE.

“Good Thing We’re In Love … was co-authored with Marianne Hyatt (and could have been sung by Kenny & Dolly)…. Collum & Hyatt compliment each other so well, their harmonies are one of the best features of the album.”

It’s due for some radio play tomorrow, this Saturday 6pm, on AMAZING RADIO c/o Baylen Leonard’s Front Porch:


Mr Leonard is a true champ of #LittleRockLP and has played a few different tracks from Bob’s big up & comer, including ‘SUPERDOME’, which also gets mentioned in Lea Valley Records review:  “… a Hyatt composition in which her wonderful ‘southern’ vocals come into their own. It also features some lovely pedal steel guitar by Allan Kelly.”


Riot at the Superdome - photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Riot at the Superdome – photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny





3 CHORDS & THE TRUTH give Bob another stunning Review

January 1st, 2015

I’m not gonna hold back:  I got some winning attention here – thrilled speechless.


Still, I can copy & paste….

“Any further micro analysis of this record cannot go past a country duet of magnificent magnitude. Bob has worked with Marianne Hyatt on previous releases and together they have produced an ear catching number sparking marital chords around the land. ‘Good Thing We’re In Love’ is the only co-write on the record and rattles along in biting and cutting disunity, though forever thankful of the sanctity of the title. Positioning itself alongside the lofty perch of My Darling Clementine duets, this stand out song possess easily the best lyric for this and many a year ‘I do the jumping when you holler frog’. Another MDC link is the addition of Martin Belmont to the lengthy list of players joining the core of Bob’s band, wonderfully named The Welfare Mothers.”

Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend.  Release date 19 January 2015

Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend. Release date 19 January 2015

&…. “Presently Bob is tied up with Harbour Song Records and it would be great if the album got promoted live around the country. Obviously integral to this would be Marianne who wrote and performed the track ‘Superdome’, a number wrapped in alt-indie sensibilities and is believed to be based on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.”   Spot on, David!  Bob got third billing on the whole of the site, just after Ryan Bingham’s new one, and Annie Keating.

Riot at the Superdome - photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Riot at the Superdome – photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Awwww check the parting gesture here:

“Making a New Year resolution to check out the work of Bob Collum and the Welfare Mothers is one of your easier January commitments and will definitely be a rewarding one. LITTLE ROCK is an album which won’t disappoint and that duet has got to be the final parting shot. Make sure by hook or by crook you check out ‘Good Thing We’re In Love’.”

Whew I need to smoke a fat one now!  Again, you can preorder your HNY copy b4 release 19th January 2015 c/o Harbour Song Records


Hashtag #LittleRockLP for mo:  https://twitter.com/hashtag/littlerocklp?src=hash

Honourable Mention in UNCUT MAG (Feb ’15) for Bob Collum’s ‘Little Rock’ LP

January 1st, 2015

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, BOB COLLUM & THE WELFARE MOTHERS’ new album – #LittleRockLP – is out 19th January, this year 2015.

uncut2015 copy

Already we’ve been getting all kind of radio play, including the BBC!  We’ve just got our first big review for the year from Uncut Magazine (February 2015 issue), and I’ve got some mention for a song I wrote with Bob:  ‘It’s a Good Thing We’re in Love’

You can still pre-order your copy at Harbour Song Records – http://www.harboursong.co.uk

Bowie cover

SUPERDOME on Amazing Radio’s ‘The Front Porch’ – Saturday 22 Nov 6pm

November 22nd, 2014

Tune in 2morrow ’bout 6pm : My song, SUPERDOME, is on Amazing Radio’s ‘The Front Porch’

Riot at the Superdome - photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Riot at the Superdome – photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny













It’s one of many mighty tracks on Bob Collum & the Welfare Mothers’ up&comin #LittleRockLP


Release Poster for Jan '15

Release 19 January 2015 on Harbour Song Records

More foreplay here on

Album cover & photo designs by the formidable Mick Denny

Marianne Hyatt