Culture Kiddo does it again: Tessa Ditner showcases ‘AirCon’… and even still more

December 7th, 2013
Photo by Edward Neale-Scurrion

Photo by Edward Neale-Scullion…

CultureKiddo at the Brixton Book Jam, Hootananny 2nd December 2013

December 4th, 2013

Walkin on sunshine in the bleak midwinter as Culture Kiddo has seen fit to cover Zelda Rhianda’s superb Brixton Book Jam Monday night. Tessa Ditner, accredited enabler to Skin II’s 3rd coming, also expertly read her stunning piece from up & comin comedy novel ‘Charlie and the Latex Factory’ on the night.
Stellar in her bespoke Am Statik’s rubber dress, which was only possibly upstaged by the piece itself. It’s available on Amazon, but I’m ready for the musical. Enough about me, she gave me a glowing review for my narrative triptych of various militarised types. I’ll let her do the talkin …..


Tessa Dittner, Culture Kiddo

Tessa Ditner, Culture Kiddo

“I was glad not to be reading straight after the brilliant Marianne Hyatt who really knows how to perform and make her writing live. Harpers and Queen described her as “she is triumphant live; the men love her because they are Pavlovian, the women love her because she makes them feel like Calamity Jane” I really loved her performance of the fun yet political ‘AirCon’.”

‘Brixton Bookjam’s Hootananny Garden’ – December 2013

CultureKid –

Woohoo! Twas an awesome event and I was completely mesmerised by the range of spoken word talents. Keep on truckin Zelda! Here’s some of her lovely audio footage

Myself, Tessa Ditner, Dave McGowan backstage Hootananny in Brixton

Myself, Tessa Ditner, Dave McGowan backstage Hootananny in Brixton