The Windmill presents: SUNDAY BARNDANCE & BBQ feat COUNTRY DIRT – 17.00 22nd May 2011 –

April 6th, 2011

Cheyne Pride + Suzette & The Neon Angels (USA) + The Jolenes + Jenny Cash & The Sons Of Sue + Country Dirt + Kathleen Haskard

Sunday 22 May @ The Windmill, London

COUNTRY DIRT – “Think Flying Burrito Brothers with their dirty sister.”

London’s hottest new country music band. Country Dirt features Marianne Hyatt (Dragstripper) on vocals, Patmo Sheeran (Big Self, Stone Rangers) on BIG guitar and vocals, Bob Staunch on boogie-woogie-bass, George Blacklock on acoustic guitar and mandolin and Frank Brown on the 5 string banjo and harmonica.


 Suzette & The Neon Angels (USA)

From London to Lubbock, from Berlin to Austin, Suzette and the Neon Angels are continually building upon their rabid underground following, with their blistering versions of rockabilly and Bakersfield standards, along with Suzette’s sock-it-to-’em originals.

Cheyne Pride

 Born in Florida and raised in New England, Cheyne Pride has done a lot of things from having a #2 hit in the USA with the dance single Mr telephone to touring the world as a backing vocalist for The Pogues.

More recently she’s been fronting her own super hot country band, featuring on guitar Martin belmont hwo has played with Johnny Cash and all the country greats!


 The Jolenes

London’s favourite all-girl bluegrass band. With harmonies & hairdos evoking a bygone era of vintage glamour and forbidden foundation garments, the Jolenes rustle up a down-home blend of spicy bluegrass and sweet old-time country, with a dash of red hot rockabilly thrown in for good measure.


 Jenny Cash & The Sons Of Sue

A railroad song with a stompin beat or a slow song kinda smooth and sweet or something that’ll knock you offa your feet





Kathleen Haskard

A 4th generation native Californian who divides her time between the rooftops of Southeast London and a MoHo in a canyon on the Pacific coast in the Santa Monica Mountains above Ventura County Line………. SINGER, SONGWRITER, political activist and all round task force, Kathleen`s is a sussed and culturally aware musician who passionately believes in the HEALING power of music, people power and that the PERSONAL is most definitely political.—bbq-the-windmill/biographies/country-dirt/

INFIDELPHIA – Ode to Ayaan Hirsi Ali

April 6th, 2011


Safe from hellfire, free to follow desire

Don’t wanna live my mama’s life

Bade my goodbye to her stiff back

Beat my wings 2 the sky

Scratched out my own education

In a ready-made home on a rubbish heap

Today’s my new birthday

I’m ‘onna fly away free

Words forbidden to express

Sprouted wings & flew from her holy mouth

Into the new wilderness,

“I draw a line in the sand

Set apart from this clan

Here I stand

I am Hirsi Ali Ayaan”

Two lips speak with one tongue

Beggared by invasion

All stitched up

Forever young

But up comes her new form

Barkin right back at the screen

Reminds her how far she’s come

And where she’s been

Words forbidden to express

Sprouted wings & flew from her holy mouth

Into the new wilderness,

“I draw a line in the sand

I am not of this clan

Here I stand

I am Hirsi Ali Ayaan

O Father… is it sacriledge

In my daydreams I borrow from privilege

If you love me, don’t you want me there

With the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair?

Swear I’ll be careful

Gonna unwrap my fear

Walk tall as the stars

To songs of the spheres

Theres a price for the promise

I made in my youth

But as Allah’s my witness:

I will not back down from the truth

Blind faith in her inferiority

Go on I dare ya, open the gate

See how the caged bird retreats

Rattle my cage with the turn of the page

With all the sex & drugs on the street

Nothin to talk about but the will of the soul

And my sisters’ free speech

Secularised or apostate

Well what’s it take to stop the gendercide,”

Say’s Ms Infidel incarnate

“I draw a line in the sand

Step up & over this clan

Here I stand

I am Hirsi Ali Ayaan”

"Why do we excuse a spirituality that mandates abuse?"