8 December 2012 – Push the Boat Out / Naughty Nauticals – COUNTRY DIRT 12.30am

November 17th, 2012

Now at Pontoon Dock DLR

Three little ships set out to sea, each one a double-decker.
The queen she waved the royal flag, Columbo waved his pecker.
Columbo paced upon the deck, he knew it was his duty.
He took in whang into his hand and said, “Ain’t that a beauty!”
He knew the world was round-o.
That sailors could be browned-o.
That dirty lecher, asshole stretcher son-of-a-bitch, Columbo.

Push the Boat Out
on Sat Dec 8, 8pm till dawn on the good ship MS Stubnitz, mooring at Pontoon Dock DLR

Presale tickets still available from Access All Areas here

Tickets on the door £10
No admission without fancy dress: Naughty Nauticals

Band line up
Strip the Willow Ceilidh
Sailors’ jigs and hornpipes, rebel songs guaranteed

Rhythms of Resistance Samba
ungovernable beats off the street to rock the boat

swoony, echoey, guitar pop soothes you with the voice of an ancient child whispering secrets of the deep to calm the tempest in your soul

Emily Taboobs – The Littlest Mermaid’s all grown up now. Navigate with your eye on this buxom starlet & you’ll be lost at sea … but you won’t mind a bit. Siren song & sweltering swagger to leave you humming for more

Country Dirt – You might just call it grab-ass bluegrass, you might just say it’s Countronica, but the ‘Dirt’ are defo gonna put a spitshine on your boots made for dancin

Triangulators – Mutinous nu-urban beat poetry to bedazzle, up against a soundtrack of fight-the-power punk fresh from the trenches

New Ark – Indy thrill pop-a-licious. Makes Muse & Siouxie Sioux wish they’d made babies

Li’l Lost Lou – salty salacious sea shanties from this lusty wench. When LLL’s on deck you’ll be dancing down the plank & beggin for it

TReen – All shimmer & buzz, TReen’s alt state hypno-tronics will entrance your night away…


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