Country Dirt on the Main Stage at Oxjam – 22 October – Leadenhall Market Takeover

October 13th, 2010

Hello Oxjamers,

With the day nearly upon us, we hope you’re all ready for one of the best musical events this year!  If you haven’t seen the line up yet, check this out:

THE MAIN STAGE | from 12 noon
The Roolettes | The Weller Collective | Senor Al and the JJs | Country Dirt

| Amoriste | Phil Burdett Band | The Obscuritones | Heat Treatments | WIMM | Jonathan Glew Band | Bob Collum | Dean Johnson | Joanna Weston | Ross and the Wrongens

Squire and the Jackams | Zen Motel | Cavilry | Dirty Flags | Tina Mali | Eskimo Dolls

Georgee and Dennis | Phil Burdett | Tom Burgess | Elena Conchitas | Weller Collective Acoustic | Joanna Weston
And more surprises on the day!!

If you want to volunteer on the day and get a free gig ticket, email Jess [email protected]

You lucky things, getting all this for free!

The Oxjam Leadenhall Market Team

Country Dirt in a skirt

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