9th March – Singin for my Succor @ Talking Musical Revolutions 8 – I’m with the Band

February 24th, 2010


A night of grrrr8 music – and the fascinating stories behind it….

TMR honoured and delighted to have Mat Snow stepping into the breech at short notice, recalling crazy times with the Pogues in NYC in ’85.. Great Music and The Stories Behind The Music Spoken Word Pieces From Leading Authors, Writers and Artists. Throughout EVening : DJ Set From Mister Ian McCann Readings 745ish Gavin Martin :This Land Is Your Land ,Joe Klein Woody Guthrie A Life (Faber) 8ish Ken Hunt : Mickey Hart The Rolling Thunder OF a Grateful Dead Mind 8.30ish Will Birch : Cheerful Earful on Ian Dury (not twice that’s just a quirk of the flyer) 9ish Mat Snow : Popped In Pogue’d Out In NYC ’85 9.30ish Paolo Hewitt : Hanging With Oasis 9.45ish Simon Boswell : From Post Punk Advertising to Producing The Pope 10.05 Cheyne Pride : Me and Elvis aka The King and I 10.30 Marianne Hyatt (Country Dirt/Dragstripper) and Alex THomas (ur-ana, Penny Rimbaud, Tymon Dogg). And this night of extraordinary entertainment will cost you precisely NONE of your English Groats, Sterling, Shekels or whatever new fangled laundering system the robber barons decree is the in thing. And…don’t forget your dancing shoes. Ian McCann spins platters so hot your feet might melt…

19.30-22.30 – Tues 9th March, Three Blind Mice, 5 Ravey St EC2 (basement opp Griffin pub)



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