WHAT A WEEK by Gavin Martin, The Family of Rock – 11 October

November 4th, 2009

'While the poor people sleeping...'Pic: Gavin Martin

‘While the poor people sleeping…’Pic: Gavin Martin



Wednesday  7th  Down south of the river to The Old Nun’s Head Nunhead where Andy Hankdog Williams hosts London’s longest standing acoustic session, electrified tonight  by Country Dirt the recently assembled band featuring Patmo ex of Big Self (one of the best but largely unsung bands of Belfast’s post punk late 70s era) and Marianne Hyatt  – opera trained,Choctaw Texan actress, model, songwriter  adding aural shooting stars and neon fire to the roadhouse vibe.

Last time I saw Patmo was 30 years ago , left his flat in the Fitzroy Avenue of V Morrison’s Madame George’s fame and , maybe because of something I smoked (like Van said M George does in the song), I went into  a dream.

Waking up 30 years later – Rip Van Winkle alike – in the Nun I was bowled over by Patmo’s new original, honky tonk classic Big Guitar.

Not only was it an expression of the character I fondly recalled from  30 years ago but also a tune that accounted for  last 3 decades of performing  his  music for small financial reward but a whole lotta love.

The appeal of a  Big Guitar?

“Its like driving a car…at 90 miles and hour.”

Will the circle be unbroken?


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