And finally the 1st final – FRock RAWKS!!

November 19th, 2009

Got some special mention on Gavin Martin’s FRock Blog for the big quiz finals – based on Pete Frame’s legendary Rock Family Trees – Wednesday 18th November at the historic Elgin pub in Ladbroke Grove. Thanks a trill, Gavin!


And to close the evening came the amazing Country Dirt. I’m biased, of course. But they are great AND they got people dancing.


So  great was the music and so good the chat afterwards that I ALMOST could forgive The Elgin ipod for –  not once but twice! –  breaking the cardinal rule of ANY venue with its eyes set  on rock glory – NO COLDPLAY ON THE SOUNDSYSTEM.

Still a good time was had by All (All Green that is, brother of Al).

Lets do it agin, y’all.

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