January 15th, 2009

Green Goddess Go-Go in the Fringe
Green Goddess Go-Go in the Fringe


Sistah Double Bubble Trouble is Marianne Hyatt (née Marcus Leggett, until transgendrified by a tornado interrupting her circumcision) –  a Texan triple threat & musical mercenary, hailing from Austin.  If you blinked you may have missed her in Richard Linklater’s cult hit film, ‘Slacker’, as “Late Night Pickup”.  She also featured in Joe Sears & Jaston Wiliams ‘… Forum’ as Panacea and scared the men and children as Beatrice in “Much Ado about Nothing”, Shakespeare on Town Lake.    She was principle dancer with the Dallas Metropolitan Ballet & the Lone Star Ballet, and soloist with Ruth Page’s Chicago Ballet and Boston Ballet Ensemble, when her career as prima was interrupted by a bizarre incident, involving a snot bubble landing on her primeur danceur’s face, during finger turns as the Snow Queen for the Nutcracker Suite.  At  6’4”en pointe, she was only too aware that her options for dance partners were limited and decided to relocate to her psychic home in London, where she was honored to become principle decoy drag queen at Madame JoJo’s “Nothin Dirty Goin On”, instead.  She also landed the ultimate Shakespearian dominatrix role of  Lady M in Illyria Theatre’s summer tour of  Macbeth – John O’ Groats to Lands End – earning her the moniker “mad, bad & dangerous to know” while performing at the Minack Theatre, in Cornwall.  Additionally Marianne was videogame chartshow hostess for “Gamesauce” – inspiring introverted screenheads throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East & sub-Saharan territories to further avoid the sun.   Succumbing to the relentless voices in her head, Marianne began to write her own material in the naughties and fronted indie band, “Dragstripper”, signing to award winning label Poppy Records and gigging throughout England and London’s Camden scene, at the Popkomme Festival, Cologne and Dublin’s In the City conference.  During that time she collaborated with local musicians Jez Miller (Lords of the New Church and Brian James Gang), Terry Neale (Transglobal Underground), Richard Levy (Zodiac Mindwarp).  Marianne’s solo work made it to Independent music journalist Tim Perry’s CD compilation “Twisted AM” and appeared as number 1 in his top 5 unsigned artists.  She was invited to sing with Kentucky’s PapaM at the Garage and with Bill Callaghan’s SMOG at Meltdown, Royal Festival Hall.  Sistah joined forces with Punkvert production company to form the band, Anarchistwood, in 2006, and split acrimoniously over intellectual property issues in April 2007, after the release of their double album “Blessed are the Cracked for they let in the Light”, and also due to irreconcilible differences re percentages once Punkvert proprietorially mitosised to form Ex-Gratia record label, helping itself to 50% of all proceeds .  PRS & MCPS have been duly notified, and are watching/listening.

GIG archives

  1. Debut – 20th October 2006 – JAMM support to Robert Love (Alabama3) & the Nihilistics
  2. 10TH December 2006 – 93 Ft E – Shortwave Festival
  3. 23RD December 2006 – JAMM support to Alabama3
  4. 31st December 2006 – Charterhouse Bar – “How Dirty is your New Year”
  5. 23rd February 2007 – Pigeonhole @ Whitechapel Art Gallery
  6. 17th March 2007 – “Dragonfest”, Grenada, Spain
  7. 27th March 2007 – “Wide Angle Lens Home Movie Party” @ Cargo
  8. 8th April 2007 – Shortwave Easter Special @ 93 Ft E
  9. 17th June 2007 – Noise of Art special “Slipped Disco” @ Bar Music Hall, supporting Githead (formerly Wire)
  10. 29th June 2007 – Soundwaves closing party at Kinetica Museum, Old Spitalfields Market
  11. 28th July 2007 – Swiss Cottage Music Festival
  12. 29th July 2007 – Secret Garden Party – AMP stage
  13. 22nd September 2007 – Rocket Ron’s “Come as you Arrrggghh!” Pirate Party
  14. 4th April 2008 – “Blessed …” launch at The Old Sailmakers, Limehouse, London

 Baroness makes it triple trouble

The post-Olympian landscape oozes by in super slo-mo as you break the sound barrier – topless – in your vintage caddie convertible. Strap yourself in, for you have arrived in the lair of ANARCHISTWOOD …ANARCHISTWOOD is the sound of melodrama & mystery… ANARCHISTWOOD gives you audacioustales of sleaze & danger …. ANARCHISTWOOD is punk-ass-blues-fuzz, sometimes known as cheap trick psychodelia, co-fronted by the helium howl of Funkcutter, indelibly intertwined with colouratura tea strains of SistaDoubleBubbleTrouble, in the fine tradition of B-52s or vintage X. They are indulged with gentle lashings of ripped up punkaway gueetar by the dynamic, enigmatic Mada Nomdak (alias Candi’s Flipped – depending on what dress he’s wearing.   Clem NZ Jones shoots from the root with lo-down dirty bass your mother may have warned you about.  Voodoo mastressesof the universe – The Baroness and Lady Muck – add another Ikette-style dimension to this prison breakout line-up, which has to be seen to be believed. ANARCHISTWOOD is as in your face as Kylie’s bum and yet as distant & serene as the Milky Way.  You can’t miss ’em.
Secret Ring Master

Secret Ring Master

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