New Direction

March 14th, 2010

Yo Mama's Day Noche!

01 Folsom Prison Blues

Jones-in for The Dirty Johnsons – Pussycat Scratch Fever down the Dublin Castle – 11 March 10

March 12th, 2010
Heckle: Play something good! Jeckyl: No….

“Baby, you don’t look at me the same way anymore …..Maybe it’s because your eyeball’s come out of its socket….. and it’s rollin on the floor” – Zombie Nightmare

Still got plenty o time 2 get in yo kitty car & drive away, unless you can fight better than you can drive

She’s just a wispy slip of a pussywhip, afraid of the dark, but dancing in it, like it’s her last refuge – flinching from the collective strobe of fanatic flash like a cat who glided into a hot water wiggle.  Pussycat Johnson dodges  her ever-watchful-through-the-lense spectators, and stakes her claim at stage’s edge, looming over us sky high in her hometown platforms, painted on rubber suit and hair shellacked high – frozen at the moment she broke the sound barrier in Russ Meyer’s car during a desert drive-by.  It’s only by coincidence her hairdo looks like engorged and erect kitty ears.  It was just a freak accident when her outstretched fingers cauterised to claw during the driving rhythm.  She dares us to take the leap with her but doesn’t wait a single second for us.  Faster Pussycat, KILL! KILL!!

Was that "Welcome to the pussyfoot jungle?" or "Made in Basingstoke" I saw tattooed on her shiny vinyl tail?

“I’m your Hammer horror,  …. I’m a real cruel woman, you’re in real hot water” – Boogie Woman

When Jake (Psychobilly guitarist deluxe) & Ant Johnson (drummer de-Sade) are nearly spent b/w numbers, Pussycat still purrs out an extended lo-smoldering pussycat rant, lisping about herself – Pussycat – in 3rd feline Basingstoke lilt.  The ‘burbs are back!   Jake & Ant’s unforgiving rhythms and merciless cock-a-billy rev spark up her non-stop monologue and welcome us to her world.  Once she was a little kid who stood in the corner, with her little whiskers grazing the chalkboard, for saying the right thing at the wrong time – “Some guy put his balls on my head once” – now Pussycat lets rip an ancient, feral, helium howl in defense of the archetypical villainess; trapped behind the fetish-shop mask she glued on to her face (for real).  Oh the triumph of the under-cat.  Use her up if you think you can. 

If Poison Ivy, Fur Dixon or Wanda Jackson fronted The Cramps

“It ain’t music, just makin noise….. I don’t wanna if I gotta look like boys….. & oh those boys, oh shoot, they look like girls…..  I don’t wanna ride what they’re tryin to sell….. DON’T WANNA GO TO THE SHOW ….. DON’T WANNA KNOW …. RA RAAAAAAA” – To the Show

Well I do!  They’re playin again at the Haiti Benefit Party             26 March The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney road Stockwell  SW9 0TP  £3

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons + Kodek + Midiot + Active Slaughter + Killerbomb + Rude Mechanicals + Lord Muck + Anarchistwood + The Bailiff + Tokie

You won't find it down there, Colombus!

Come to my GIG + Archive Party this SUNDAY Eve 14th @ The FLOWERPOT

March 11th, 2010

An Acoustic Night – Marianne Hyatt & Alex Thomas + Knox of legendary UK Punk band The Vibrators in a ‘special guest spot’

.... whose opinion matters.....


6.oopm Gavin Martin’s DJ set (Mirror’s Music Critic) 

7.oopm Stan Brennan’s DJ Set (w cool vid projections)



8.oopm Rare 1960’s Acoustic ‘Blues’ Video performances on the Big Screen

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

Sonny Boy Williamson

Muddy Waters

Cyril Davies All Stars

8.15pm Knox of The Vibrators goes acoustic. Very entertaining!

8.45pm Rare Country, Ballads, & Rock ‘n’ Roll all on the Big Screen

Christian Bollocks

Dusty Springfield

Bill Withers

Johnny Cash

Phil Ochs

Barry McGuire

Country Joe MacDonald

Nick Lowe

Rambling Jack Elliot

Jerry Lee Lewis

9.15pm Marianne Hyatt & Alex Thomas play ‘Country Dirt’, and more


Master Fiddler with the Bitch in the C(o)untry Kitschen

10.00pm New York New Wave & Rare Punk Rock on The Big Screen

****The Ramones*****Blondie**** The Saints**** The Tubes  *****  *****The New York Dolls ***** Radio Birdman ******

10.30pm End 

THE FLOWERPOT, 147 Kentish Town Road . London . NW1 8PB!/event.php?eid=381471406270&index=1

RADIO JOY live broadcast – the Foundry Sunday 7th March 8pm

March 7th, 2010

Everybody's got some

Text & visuals from – Nicola Wayne Maskrey, Inga Tillery, Tracey Moberly

Dancing songs from DJs Gavin Martin and Johny Mugwump


Ten years ago Tracey Moberly produced a show at the Foundry in Hoxton whose title LOVES DIRTY HABIT came from a Band of Holy Joy song. The premise as I remember it was that we set a thousand pink balloons up in to the night sky with a mobile phone number on and a request for any balloon finders to text in their ‘Love’s Dirty Habit’. The answers would be stuck on the gallery walls in the basement of the Foundry. The new language and future of communication was uppermost in our minds but we also wanted to throw a great party. The opening night was a blur of pink balloons and scuzzy texts that were zapped in from the hinterlands of London.  It was a great night and a supreme show if memory serves.

Tracey has kept the project very much alive and a decade on we revisit the notion. Nicola Jayne Maskrey and Inga Tillere will take Tracey’s texts and set about visualising them from a new perspective. The Band Of Holy Joy will play a live set from a collection of songs they are about to release called PARAMOUR, songs which are very much about Love’s Dirty Habits: Betrayals, lustings, casual sexual murderings that kind of low and grand déclassé behaviour. As the Foundry is about to close its doors soon we would love to make this event as memorable as the first. Indeed… We want your texts and we want you to come. 7th March is the date 8pm is the time and the Foundry is the place. On Valentines Day we will issue a number. We want you to use it.

Radio Joy will broadcast the entire evening. The DJ’s Gavin Martin and Jonny Mugwump will spin the songs to keep the night flowing. James S Finn will supply a soundscape. The immense Andrew Bailey will perform a twenty-minute set.  

Tune in & turn on here

Drop in & turn out here:  The Foundry – 80 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JL

cHAOS IS bOSS – Country Dirt @ Chaos Cabaret – Foundry 10th March

March 5th, 2010

Chaos is Boss!


March 5th, 2010

Me as Morrissey

Twasn’t cool really – the gig aside – it wasn’t cool.  Had a lovely student crowd that DANCED to our C&W/folkist set, drinks were cheap n cheerful, emo headliner GHOSTS OF JUNE was terrific and most importantly I had a lovely crew of wonderful supportive friends who buoyed me up and made me feel like a natural woman.  YES! 

Everything was upstaged offstage though.


I’ve been with this outfit – the ‘Dirt’ – since September this year.  It feels like a cooperative.  We all write – we sing harmonies on each others’ songs – and have written about 20 songs altogether.  We’re gradually getting them engineered and on their feet as product.  We’ve been getting paid gigs recently.  We get along brilliantly…. but what happened backstage makes me really want to rethink this band. 

I was catchin up w star poetess AnnaLe, who came on down, brought a gorgeous friend, Julie, and bought us both Apple Sour shots – hell I was a student again.  Went backstage to find my ‘Dirt’y compatriots seemingly simulating fellatio on a Stratocaster.  WTF?!  Maybe we should change our name to Country Vice.  Honestly, you’d think we’d shifted at least 8 figures of units and could rest on our publishing for offshore retirement, b4 joyfully crashing into the pantheon of OD-ing rockstars whose back catalogue continues to grease up the industry.  Why don’t we all just tattoo “I hate myself and I want to die” on our little baby butts.  My heroes/heroines are hard working and not as hard living as their press might proliferate.  I can’t work with it – fight the powder – it’s not part of the solution, it’s not part of the revolution.  A band meeting is in order. 

who put the c(o)unt in Country?

Country Dirt play NO:ID @ The Others, Stokie – 16th April – YEEEEHAHAHAHA!

March 5th, 2010

Fri April 16th ****NO:ID festival****The Others, Stoke Newington

NOID festival

With Country Dirt, The Readers, and more t.b.c.


The festival extends to Sat 17th with Anarchistwood,


Rude Mechanicals (t.b.c.) and Saddam and the Lookalikes.

Brought forward by NO:ID gallery.

27 February – Osibisa @ Purcell Rooms, Queen Elizabeth Hall

March 3rd, 2010

“Translated from Ghanaian,  Osibisa means ‘criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness’ “.

Smile will bring a sunshine day
Your smile will bring a sunshine day

Gotta be the event to blow the winter blues into next year.  Strangely, Osibisa were double booked for the Purcell Rooms because they were chucked out  to play the foyer of Queen Elizabeth’s Hall – someone musta flipped a coin –  and ya know what, they made it work.   For fuck sake, who got to play Purcell – Goddess herself?  Anyway it was hardly a challenge to this 40+-year old band – hell, they all carry their own equipment – SCANDALOUS!  Osibisa blasted us with sunshine – we were all dancin together on a beach far as I could make out – and we’d taken over the asylum.  Rumours are afoot that The Council will be shutting down QEH in the v near future, so I’d like to think we were warming up for a friendly takeover / reclaiming public property for local sovereignty / squatting etc.  The revolution will be Brit & civilised.

Is The Council quite ready?  I’d wager that we are.  Check out the chick next to me with curly-Q auburn hair who jumped up beside Nii Tagoe and jammed on the bongos with the master drummer, dancer, ladies romancer, himself – yes, she certainly did deliver.  Witness the knockout lady in the colour purple jump up on that stage & throw some W African shapes.  I’d swear they’d initiated a new member.  All roads lead back to Africa as the line b/w performers & audience blurred – and Osibisa encouraged it.  Rehearsing us for the call/response chorii of Wango, Wango & Kelele & Welcome Home  –  of course we really didn’t need it for Sunshine Day – b4 happily melting into the songs’ performance.  We didn’t just see, hear, dance and sing to Osibisa, we WERE Osibisa.  We had an invitation from the Witch Dr him / herself.   Africa We Go Go, indeed. 

There was a witch doctor in the house, on the night, who weaved in and out of the audience – he tried to show me how to dance the Wanga Wanga.  At one point he stepped up to magnificent Emmanuel Rentzos on keyboards and pointed his finger at his forehead (just like ET!).  I’d swear Rentzos entered another dimension – as if the music wasn’t already transcendental – the witch doctor threw his head back and laughed b4 moving on to the next patient.  That witch doctor tours with them.  That witch doctor is the mighty Lord Eric Sugumugu – apparently between bands at the mo

Wanga Wanga

Wanga Wanga

Greg Kofi Brown:  “In every village is a tree.  The vibes of the village come from that tree”

More info from FRock here