BOB COLLUM in the Birdcage with COUNTRY DIRT – 6 January 2012

December 28th, 2011

“Shotgun shack & the church on the hill…”

Bob's 'Your Country Rockstar' Collum & the 'Dirt'

8pm Friday 6th January at THE BIRDCAGE in Stoke Newington


“Hook-heavy, steel guitar-driven, rootsy power pop” …..Time Out

“My Little Hurricane” is 2:13 of Popicana bliss, while “She Hates Me” is quality straight-up country, “Devil in the Details” adds some power pop to the recipe, and “Knockdown Dragout” recalls Nick Lowe’s “Raging Eyes”. Yet another outstanding entry in the Year of the EP. – Absolute PowerPop

“A turn of phrase to rank with Nick Lowe’s, and an instinct for hook and melody mean you’re thinking of the Byrd’s with a country edge to boot. The Boy Most Likely Too… is a testimony to the enduring power of finely crafted songs played well . It deserves a wide hearing and appreciation.” – Bucketful Of Brains

“’Set The Stupid Free’ is more a case of locking several like-minded country-inclined practitioners into a confined space and simply sitting back to enjoy while they do what they do best. The Welfare Mothers have it down pat. Impressive stuff indeed.” ” – Whisperin’ & Hollerin’

“Whilst ‘Set The Stupid Free’ may be firmly rooted in alt country in terms of sound, it manages to incorporate a solid pop sensibility, with pop melodies and hooks that’ll have you humming the chorus to each song before the record is halfway through” – Subba Cultcha

“The execution is tight, the lyrics wry and razor-sharp, and the palette broad”” – Morning Star

“The words and instrumentation are well-done, and there’s such genuine feeling behind it, Collum never comes off as hokey. Lamenting and sweet, he gently presses his subjects into releasing truth juices in every track.”” – Alibi

“Hook-heavy, steel guitar-driven, rootsy power pop.” – Time Out

“The kind of lyrical twists that endear so many while playing it straight.”*** 3 stars

“Heavy on hooks and steel guitar.” *** 3 stars – Uncut

“Anyone who wants to hear what Top 40 sounds like in a perfect world should pick up The Boy Most Likely Too… and turn it up! ” – Being There

“On The Boy Most Likely Too…, Bob Collum masterfully combines melodicism and rootsy twang.The result is as honest and refreshing a record as has come down the dusty two laned highway this year. With TBMLT, Collum has crafted roots pop perfection” – Amplifier



“….adding aural shooting stars and neon fire to the roadhouse vibe” – Gavin Martin

“Think Burrito Brothers & their dirty sister” – Tim Perry, The Windmill

“Countrified bluegrass, banjos, sunshine…. with great titles, titles like Pussy Whip …. Country Dirt are fun, they have their tongues stuck firmly in cheek as they bring a collective smile to the face of the venue. They have some seriously good bluegrass country rock there.” -The Organ

“Sounding somewhere between cult favourites Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris and Cowboy in Sweden-era Lee Hazelwood lays another outfit from London’s Deep South. Country Dirt is an alt. Country band of the highest order” – Hackney Hive

£3 – bargain!
58 Stamford Hill N16 6XS, London, United Kingdom