#LittleRockLP on SHERIFF’S ROCK & BLUES SHOW – Scotland69am – Friday 16 January

January 14th, 2015

Just days from its imminent release, #LittleRockLP, will be featured on SHERIFF’s ROCK&BLUES show this Friday 16th January 2015, 11.30pm


A really great vehicle for us – eclectic musical curation – & with no ads or traffic reports …..

DJ Sheriff Ron Lancs is a passionate and enduring lover of music, so we are just thrilled we made the cut.

Bob will give listeners the stories behind the music, between radio play of #LittleRockLP selections

Mick Denny designed

Mick Denny designed

Hell, even I get a word in edgewise, since my track on #LittleRockLP – SUPERDOME – was blessed enough by the Sheriff’s consummate taste in music to get some broadcast play, too.

Riot at the Superdome - photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Riot at the Superdome – photo c/o the mighty Mick Denny

Can’t wait to hear it all on the radio this Friday!



#LittleRockLP – https://twitter.com/hashtag/LittleRockLP?src=hash

Out on Harbour Song Records 19 January 2015 – pre-order http://www.harboursong.co.uk

… or from Lea Valley Records http://www.leavalleyrecords.com (#LittleRockLP official flavour of the month, tipped for early album of the year, 2015)

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