GOOD THING WE’RE IN LOVE got AmazingRadio play on DJ Baylen Leonard’s FRONT PORCH

January 11th, 2015

First show of the year on THE FRONT PORCH at Amazing Radio, & DJ Baylen Leonard’s gotta have the best radio theme song ever…. just bloggin.  So thrilled BOB COLLUM & THE WELFARE MOTHERS – – made it to the playlist again!…. Saturday 10th January, but this time with a different song than before – GOOD THING WE’RE IN LOVE – from our big, up&comin #LittleRockLP.  It’s a little duet I co-wrote with superb Mr Bob.  So thrilled it’s on the album.

Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend.  Release date 19 January 2015

Poster child, Bob Collum, down Southend. Release date 19 January 2015













Here’s a 4 track selection from BC & the WMs #LittleRockLP on Amazing Radio, 3 of which have made it to DJ Baylen Leonard’s impeccably tasteful playlist!

THE FRONT PORCH is just chock full of fabulous music, can’t believe we’re on Saturday’s show with Foghorn Leghorn’s grabass bluegrass ‘Petersburg Gal’ and Hank Wangford’s ‘Sunk without Trace’ – put your boots in the stirrups & waltz, Cowgirl! Immediately following us, Carleton Stone’s ‘Blood is Thicker than Water’ and Sons of Bill’s ‘Big Unknown’ are just dazzling to the ear.  Run Boy Run’s ‘Spin a Golden Thread’ is particularly swoon worthy.  Check out the whole show – ex post facto – right here.

DJ Mr Leonard mentioned that most releases for the new year happen on 26th January, but Alt C&W fans, BOB COLLUM & THE WELFARE MOTHERS are beatin em all to the punch one week early!  That’s right, #LittleRockLP is out 19th January on Harbour Song Records, but you can pre-order it c/o their site

Apparently you can get it here too, seeing as how Lea Valley Records have made #LittleRockLP ALBUM OF THE MONTH whew!

For any and all things #LittleRockLP –

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