May 27th, 2010

COUNTRY DIRT 8pm-ish - 2b broadcast on

The Others, Stoke Newington, London – 16th April ‘10 – The Others isn’t your conventional rock venue, no, tonight we’re upstairs, above a 70’s looking snooker hall in some kind of DIY community space. No stage as such, bands down one end, on the floor, old armchairs scattered around, friendly space, relaxed atmosphere, boundaries blurred, where does band end and audience start? Slight air of chaos and punk rock, the more than healthy spirit of do it yourself. We’re deep in the depths of Stoke Newington, some kind of police incident up on the main road outside as we head for the venue. You’ll know you’ve found the place by the broken vintage synths chained to the wall in the stairwell.  
                    There’s all kinds of strange people walking around in colourfully strange dress, there’s rather home made looking art on the walls (the venue doubles as a lo-fi art gallery that also hosts life drawing classes on Monday nights), the art isn’t that inspiring, then again, hard to get to it amongst the chaos of the cowgirls, the sweet dealers – “got some Dolly Mixtures here” says the dubious looking “punk” in the wrap-around glasses as he produces a sweaty looking plastic bag with three sticky looking sweets “five pence each, don’t tell anyone, three for twelve pence to you”. DJ’s are spinning cheesy 70’s/80’s disco pop alongside classic slabs of wholesome Black Sabbath, the place fills up pretty quickly… 
           Somewhere through the healthy chaos and confusion, once Cornellius has finished politely ranting and singing and telling us all we know nothing about anything (and just about gets away with it because he does it with an innocent smile and some harmless lefty-hippy good intention), a band finally takes to the ‘stage’… They take to the stage from the crowd, they appear to be called COUNTRY DIRT. She’s a star in her red stockings and white cowboy boots, the stage is hers, the fake redneck drawl and her talk of putting the cunt in country, you almost want the song to end so she can get in to the teasing performance once more.  The songs are good though, countrified bluegrass, banjos, sunshine, they throw in a rather decent Gram Parsons cover alongside what we assume are their own rather good songs. Songs with great titles, titles like Pussy Whipped, as she coverts around her microphone stand and makes sure you know she’s the centre of attention. Country Dirt are fun, they have their tongues stuck firmly in cheek as they bring a collective smile to the face of the venue, they have some seriously good bluegrass country rock there though, they’d be good without her, they’re excellent with her. They go down extremely well, she’s a star in her big cowgirl hat, her name is Marieanne Hyatt.. 

COUNTRY DIRT:              

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