TexASS in my Rearview Mirror

July 16th, 2011

TexASS in my rearview mirror

My Lone Star butt will just not go away. I’m not complaining, really, any kinda exposure…. and my TexASS is covered. Found my baby butt covering a CD from The Light Crust Doughboys. Went to a production of The Joffrey Ballet in Amarillo, Texas, and there it was in the programme – an ad for an ad agency. A childhood friend alerted me to it looming above her table at a restaurant in Dallas. My dear friend and UT alumni, Wendell Grayson, posted it on the ‘Book’ and suggested it mandatory for each and every Texan artist to have his/her booty so branded. He was searching for Lone Star underwear on Amazon and pondered the idea of tattooing the Lone Star flag on his derriere. I thought it might make some really good merchandising for my band or music – since it seems to be cutting a swathe into my 15 minutes. I’d call it ‘The TexASS collection’ Marianne, national heroine of France, was swathed in the French flag for liberty. I’ll cover my ass with the lone star flag, why not. Maybe throw in some fake tattoos & little mirrors into the mix….. TexASS in my Rearview Mirror.

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