COUNTRY DIRT Live in Hope – 4 June 2011

June 7th, 2011

Patmo, Banjo Frank & I

Decided that I’d get my cowboy hat & went down the Folly Stage
All Patmo needs is a beat ... and a BIG GUITAR

Patmo - all he needs is a beat ... & a big guitar. Billy Bob Staunch bass-ically just too cool for school

Can't ya see, can't ya see... Patmo, AD, Billy Bob & Me

Hat haired Juliet Lewis, I'm told

Me Patmo & the mighty Tom Colborn on lap steel guitar - beautiful silken layer on to the music. Thanks to the Hope Fest for matchmaking us xxxxxx

Stars & stripes of Folly Stage

Billy Bob, Georgie B & me

The only thing missing from this sweet li’l impromptu sidestage shoot – is footage of Nick Reynolds torching our set w some scorching harp for ‘NICKEL & DIME’.  Am I crying I should be.  Come on back Nick – let’s play house!! 

Stayed to the very last second – endured all kindsa deluge – but was worth it to bump into festie organiser, Maxine, who invited us back next Summer for the MAIN STAGE – one li’l stipulation:  We cover WHITE RABBIT.  She compared me to Grace Slick.  Am I still conscious? 

Look Ma, no bingo wings

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