Crazy Heart-ache

February 13th, 2011

Hope said to have some MHT, so I settled down to some Ryan Bingham, Jeff Bridges & that G-gal (showing just how Secretarial bush could also do Rio wipe.) cRRRAZY hEART.  Did Jeff Bridges – fine specimen of a 50+ – really need to lose weight as suggested in that way  only  post-Hays Hollywood can do – enter Dr Marx selling personal revolution.    I was particularly insulted by Bingham’s fine performance being upstaged  by sorry, badly miscast Bridges barfin ..  but the real blow came from the useless empty chemistry perhaps? BOND b/w older git & gelt.  What a desperate, blatant eunuch the gelt  here – doesn’t she get the central message of this mush – money brings pussy.  Hard to care bout his big change since it seems his connection to her merely lights up his halcyon memories of  younger groupie girls.  Don’t really believe they’ve carved out a vocabulary of intimacy either.  It’s just:  She’s helpin him obsess on himself for a good interview, she looks really good in lingerie, she’s got a boy that reminds him of one o the kiddies he’s left behind.  I feel completely left out of the circle of self-determination here.

What is this bizarre reduction of Feminine which is supposed to drive his regeneration – or is it just guilt for losing her boy in a city bar.  Yes, it slightly asserts that she’s got big problems too – esp when she  so easily accepts his “Bad” behaviour into her life with son.   No,  I don’t drink, no he doesn’t really reek of booze  when he’s playing with my baby, yes I’ll leave him alone with my son, b4 babysitter’s  barely healed from a drunken crash – still kinda limping – on our big holiday, where I hauled my child on a plane to see this worthless bastard. No, he doesn’t really have a blue beard.

In the story of ‘Bluebeard’, the Bad Man of the house gets hacked to bits & fed to the carrion – but would we eat it?  Well yes, we did.  Wanna thank the Academy 4 Bluebeard & his Crazy Heart-ache.

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