Star & Shadow, 6 November 2010 – THE NORTH IS ANOTHER LAND – Talking Musical Revolutions vs Band of Holy Joy

November 8th, 2010

Remember remember the 6th o November….

TALKIN RIVER TYNE MUSICAL REVS redefined all notions of ‘symposium’ at the Star & Shadow in Newcastle, Friday night.  Gavin Martin presented a right laugh & sing-along to site specific superstars The Animals, Lindisfarne, Roxy Music, Angelic Upstarts, even Sting – a raucous good multi-media extravaganza! Didn’t realise how much I resemble Bryan Ferry til I mascara’d my tache on.

Twas queen for a night 2 as honorary 6th member to BAND OF HOLY JOY hot on heels. Johny Brown & musical cohorts blazed a starry trail on to the stage and Inga Tillere  set the cinema alight – Wow!

Shooting stars - Band of Holy Joy - Moi in attendance


What Holy Joy!


Inga Tillere's magical snow

Got good reason to smile here

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