26th August – The Magic Faraway Travel Agency presents: DR WHO DOES DALLAS (or is it the other way round) EDINBURGH FESTIVAL 2010

August 9th, 2010

Marianne’s masterplan for exclusive access to THE TIME DESTRUCTOR & a DALEK hairdo to match greases up the sleepy prairie town of DALLAS, TEXAS into shiny, fin-de-siecle BIG D w exciting weaponry & a savage experiment which threatens to torture humans to breaking point…. Thank-you Ma’am, may you have another!

All this & more during her 10 minutes of infamy at THE EDINBURGH FESTIVAL – The Magic Faraway Travel Agency’s production of “Dr Who does Dallas” at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh – 6pm Thursday, 26th August. Join in at 6pm for an hour of FREE Faraway magic with the best in variety the Fringe has to offer.


Cabaret Voltaire, 36 Blair Street, Edinburgh  EH1 1QR


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