Country Dirt’s First Press Release

June 23rd, 2010
White Boots 4 Walkin
Underneath the stripsearchlight

Look alive, City Slickers!  5 great Country swingers & Western slingers are back in the saddle, hot on the trail and kickin up some COUNTRY DIRT….. for your listenin pleasure

That’s right, COUNTRY DIRT proudly present their debut LP NICKEL & DIME to shake some stardust off that ol C&W collection and put a spitshine on your boots made for dancin.  You might just call it grab-ass bluegrass, you might say it’s Countronica, but you darn tootin well KNOW it’s only Rock-n-Roll from a different branch of the same root:   a li’l Gram, some ol Hank and a whole lotta Wanda.

Frontin up the posse is Texan twirler Marianne Hyatt (Dragstripper, Temple of Sound).  Singin from the same hymn sheet, and playin some Big Guitar to boot, is the electric Patmo Sheeran (Big Self, Stone Rangers).  Frank Brown (Clitoris Allsorts, The Hangin Ropes) put his soul on layaway to play the Devil’s banjo, but switch hits to harp & resonator guitar if the flames get too high. George Blacklock (Blacklock & Brown) cuts a rug on the mighty mandolin, but also moonlights on vocals, harp & guitar when duty calls.  Billy Bob Staunch (Jegsy Dodd & the Original Sinners) shoots from the root with some lo-down dirty bass your mother may have warned you about. 

COUNTRY DIRT formed in Nov 2009, and hasn’t stopped giggin since.  By New Year’s Eve of the new decade the band was invited to play Johny Brown’s Mining For Gold show on Resonance FM and Summer 2010’s booked up fast for ‘em round the UK. 

“….adding aural shooting stars and neon fire to the roadhouse vibe” – Gavin Martin

“Countrified bluegrass, banjos, sunshine…. with great titles, titles like Pussy Whip …. Country Dirt are fun, they have their tongues stuck firmly in cheek as they bring a collective smile to the face of the venue.  They have some seriously good bluegrass country rock there.”  –The Organ

“Sounding somewhere between cult favourites Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris and Cowboy in Sweden-era Lee Hazelwood lays another outfit from London’s Deep South. Country Dirt is an alt. Country band of the highest order”  – Hackney Hive

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