1st July – COUNTRY DIRT support BAND OF HOLY JOY @ The Vortex Jazz Club

June 27th, 2010

Shd be a night to remember ... if you dare


“BAND OF HOLY JOY perform soul-wrenching songs…. with their folk macabre meets Burroughs/Reed like sagas of lust, desire & obsession, play songs from their NY City inspired album ‘Paramour’

Crashing on to the city streets like Jayne County, Marianne Hyatt brings her fine band of cracked musicians to town. Mixing poignant melodies w raw humour & wayward emotion, COUNTRY DIRT have what it takes to melt the heart & bend the mind of the most cynical urban slicker.

TALKING MUSICAL REVOLUTIONS is a travelling symposium of neon fire & shooting stars, of music as the life & spirit, the religion. It’s main man GAVIN MARTIN steps down from the lectern & up to the decks to give us choice blasts of Bowery sound”

The Vortex Jazz Club


11 Gillett Square
London N16 8AZ
020 7254 4097

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