Jones-in for The Dirty Johnsons – Pussycat Scratch Fever down the Dublin Castle – 11 March 10

March 12th, 2010
Heckle: Play something good! Jeckyl: No….

“Baby, you don’t look at me the same way anymore …..Maybe it’s because your eyeball’s come out of its socket….. and it’s rollin on the floor” – Zombie Nightmare

Still got plenty o time 2 get in yo kitty car & drive away, unless you can fight better than you can drive

She’s just a wispy slip of a pussywhip, afraid of the dark, but dancing in it, like it’s her last refuge – flinching from the collective strobe of fanatic flash like a cat who glided into a hot water wiggle.  Pussycat Johnson dodges  her ever-watchful-through-the-lense spectators, and stakes her claim at stage’s edge, looming over us sky high in her hometown platforms, painted on rubber suit and hair shellacked high – frozen at the moment she broke the sound barrier in Russ Meyer’s car during a desert drive-by.  It’s only by coincidence her hairdo looks like engorged and erect kitty ears.  It was just a freak accident when her outstretched fingers cauterised to claw during the driving rhythm.  She dares us to take the leap with her but doesn’t wait a single second for us.  Faster Pussycat, KILL! KILL!!

Was that "Welcome to the pussyfoot jungle?" or "Made in Basingstoke" I saw tattooed on her shiny vinyl tail?

“I’m your Hammer horror,  …. I’m a real cruel woman, you’re in real hot water” – Boogie Woman

When Jake (Psychobilly guitarist deluxe) & Ant Johnson (drummer de-Sade) are nearly spent b/w numbers, Pussycat still purrs out an extended lo-smoldering pussycat rant, lisping about herself – Pussycat – in 3rd feline Basingstoke lilt.  The ‘burbs are back!   Jake & Ant’s unforgiving rhythms and merciless cock-a-billy rev spark up her non-stop monologue and welcome us to her world.  Once she was a little kid who stood in the corner, with her little whiskers grazing the chalkboard, for saying the right thing at the wrong time – “Some guy put his balls on my head once” – now Pussycat lets rip an ancient, feral, helium howl in defense of the archetypical villainess; trapped behind the fetish-shop mask she glued on to her face (for real).  Oh the triumph of the under-cat.  Use her up if you think you can. 

If Poison Ivy, Fur Dixon or Wanda Jackson fronted The Cramps

“It ain’t music, just makin noise….. I don’t wanna if I gotta look like boys….. & oh those boys, oh shoot, they look like girls…..  I don’t wanna ride what they’re tryin to sell….. DON’T WANNA GO TO THE SHOW ….. DON’T WANNA KNOW …. RA RAAAAAAA” – To the Show

Well I do!  They’re playin again at the Haiti Benefit Party             26 March The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney road Stockwell  SW9 0TP  £3

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons + Kodek + Midiot + Active Slaughter + Killerbomb + Rude Mechanicals + Lord Muck + Anarchistwood + The Bailiff + Tokie

You won't find it down there, Colombus!

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