March 5th, 2010

Me as Morrissey

Twasn’t cool really – the gig aside – it wasn’t cool.  Had a lovely student crowd that DANCED to our C&W/folkist set, drinks were cheap n cheerful, emo headliner GHOSTS OF JUNE was terrific and most importantly I had a lovely crew of wonderful supportive friends who buoyed me up and made me feel like a natural woman.  YES! 

Everything was upstaged offstage though.


I’ve been with this outfit – the ‘Dirt’ – since September this year.  It feels like a cooperative.  We all write – we sing harmonies on each others’ songs – and have written about 20 songs altogether.  We’re gradually getting them engineered and on their feet as product.  We’ve been getting paid gigs recently.  We get along brilliantly…. but what happened backstage makes me really want to rethink this band. 

I was catchin up w star poetess AnnaLe, who came on down, brought a gorgeous friend, Julie, and bought us both Apple Sour shots – hell I was a student again.  Went backstage to find my ‘Dirt’y compatriots seemingly simulating fellatio on a Stratocaster.  WTF?!  Maybe we should change our name to Country Vice.  Honestly, you’d think we’d shifted at least 8 figures of units and could rest on our publishing for offshore retirement, b4 joyfully crashing into the pantheon of OD-ing rockstars whose back catalogue continues to grease up the industry.  Why don’t we all just tattoo “I hate myself and I want to die” on our little baby butts.  My heroes/heroines are hard working and not as hard living as their press might proliferate.  I can’t work with it – fight the powder – it’s not part of the solution, it’s not part of the revolution.  A band meeting is in order. 

who put the c(o)unt in Country?

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